Sports Hypnosis


Sports Hypnosis: Solution Focused Hypnotherapists can help people improve their sports performance.

We can help those who wish to improve their sporting performance, from beginners to professional athletes.

As covid restrictions are lifted, we are already seeing outdoor sports facilities reopening. These include golf courses, tennis, basketball courts and outdoor swimming.

Physical practice is essential, I think this goes without saying. But it will never allow the athlete to achieve the perfect swing, or the best run or the textbook corner. The brain doesn’t work that way. Knowing how our brain stores our movements is helpful. In fact, it allows the client to accept bad shots, poor times and mistakes. Furthermore the client will be better able to recover and avoid the mistake in the future. It’s real brain stuff!

During lockdown some people have reassessed their work situations. CPHT Liverpool Hypnotherapy Training has been as busy as ever. We have welcomed applicants from all different professions.

Certainly, our courses have always attracted students who want to help people overcome struggles with anxiety and depression, it’s not all we do.

Sports performance is one of those fascinating areas.

Sports Hypnosis ‘a new phenomenon?’

No, as far back as 1968 the Swiss Olympic ski squad used imagery and went on to win 3 medals and more in 1972.

In 1959 Ingmar Johannson used hypnosis training to win the heavy weight boxing title from Floyd Patterson.

Jimmy Connors used hypnosis in winning the US Open championship

Tiger Wood’s mental coach, Jay Brunza, hypnotised him to block out distractions and focus on the golf course.

In May 2000 Glenn Catley became World Super Middle Weight Champion. He describes the greatest help that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy gave him was confidence in his own inherent ability.

How can we help our sports performance clients?

We, often hear a sports person describe how they can perform well when they play with their friends. But when there is a competition, they go to pieces! It’s so true that playing sport is as much a mental game, as it is a physical game.

A study in 2020 by Prediou et al Visualisation in sport describes the use of visualisation techniques which can improve motor skills, self – confidence and decrease anxiety. Through the use of imagery, pain management, endurance, motivation and physical performance can be enhanced.

We can help clients focus on realistic goals and increase their self- belief. Learning to concentrate for long periods of time helps to avoid distractions. Getting into ‘the zone’ is key and we can help sports people maintain this.

Likewise, improving specific skills can be enhanced by using mental rehearsal techniques and we can teach our clients how to do this.

During the CPHT training you will get to meet Glenn Catley as he presents his story on how the hypnotherapy sessions improved his performances.

To sum up, if you are thinking of a career change, and hypnotherapy came across your radar. It’s good to know all the wonderful and interesting fields where we can make a real difference.

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Change your career, change your life!

Are you considering a change of career? Choosing to train as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with CPHT Liverpool could change your life as well as those of others.

When the tutor of CPHT Manchester asked Jenny Mellenchip if she wanted to work as a hypnotherapist  she said ‘Yes’.  After all the interview was to see if she was made of the right stuff, but inside she admits to being terrified. Jenny says, “After all, I had a good job in the sales and marketing industry, working with lovely people and earning a decent wage, I worried that I would never have the courage to be self-employed.” Well, at the right time, Jenny did have the courage to become self-employed, but she admits that she wouldn’t have been able to do so, if she hadn’t been encouraged to practice on real clients free of charge, from day one of the course.

#Trance practice,@CPHTLiverpool students. confidence through practice
Students of @CPHTLiverpool practicing trance in class

Initially she practiced carrying out relaxation with friends & family. Then after month three, she moved onto people with anxiety and depression. Each month after that saw her practicing on more people and she quickly became experienced in helping people suffering from an ever-growing list of conditions. These conditions ranged from phobias, to weight loss, stopping smoking and sports performance. As Jenny started to see people improve from her sessions, her confidence began to grow along with her competence as a hypnotherapist.

By month seven, along with the other students, she was allowed to charge her clients half price and she could really start to see the potential of running her own business. Her marketing background came in very useful and after qualification she moved to part-time hours at work and this allowed her to build her business up quickly. A further 10 months in practice juggling her employed role with that of a part time hypnotherapist, saw her handing in her notice at work.

Since then she has worked as a full-time hypnotherapist helping people to get their lives back on track. Jenny says “I have met some wonderful people going through some very difficult times and helped their life to become easier. I love my job and I have the work/life balance that I could only dream of as an employee with a daily commute of 130 miles.”

So much so that Jenny, along with Catherine Eland another CPHT graduate, agreed to start the first CPHT hypnotherapy training school in Leeds. They were keen to take the message about solution focused hypnotherapy to the people of Leeds and give them the same opportunities that they had been given.

CPHT Liverpool Hypnotherapy Training Course
Cpht Liverpool Hypnotherapy training course Senior Lecturers

CPHT Leeds is now on its third successful course at Leeds Trinity University. Cathy & Jenny love seeing the students become confident & extremely competent hypnotherapists & hearing about their many success stories. As a result, they now wish to extend this same opportunity to the people of Liverpool & the surrounding areas. Starting in March 2019, Jenny & Cathy will be running the first CPHT  hypnotherapy training course in Liverpool. It will be held at the Partnership for learning charity, training & conference centre in Speke, Liverpool.

They are both excited about being able to help those people of Liverpool who wish to train as Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.  Jenny & Cathy hope that if you’re considering a change of career, that you choose to train as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. They know that it has the potential to change your life in the same way that it did theirs!